Monday, 7 August 2017

How to Maintain the Right Temperatures and Humidity Levels in your Pool Room

Your pool room can be the center of your home if properly dehumidified and maintained. If not, bad odors, corrosion, mold, condensation and structural deterioration can make your pool room an eyesore and a headache. Here is how to maintain the right temperatures and humidity levels in your pool room:

Get Expert Help In Choosing Pool Dehumidification Systems

The environment of a pool room is affected by external temperatures as well as evaporation. Most pools need heat to maintain comfortable 82 degrees in the water and 84 degrees in the room. In addition, expert dehumidification design must consider:
  • Size of the pool.
  • Shape and square footage of the room.
  • Type of pool.
  • Type and amount of use.
  • Outdoor temperatures and ranges of temperature seasonally.
  • How the agitation rate of the pool affects evaporation.
 No one-size-fits-all solution will make sure your pool has efficient and effective dehumidification.  In the long run, you need a local expert in pool dehumidification systems and air ventilation to make sure that you pool system is best calibrated for the weather patterns of New Jersey and your particular situation.

Choose Factory Trained Technicians for Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

When choosing a company to set up or maintain your indoor pool area, you need to be sure that they have experience and the most up-to-date training. Pool room dehumidification is a complicated HVAC system which needs to take into account:
  • Space heating and cooling.
  • Temperature of water.
  • Humidity removal.
  • Ventilation of area.
  • Evaporation rate through agitation.
  • Water surface air evaporation.
Factory trained technicians are prepared to take all of these factors into consideration in order to select, calibrate, install and adjust a pool dehumidification system so that it works not only correctly, but efficiently. Optimal operation of the pool HVAC system will save money and also keep the equipment running longer.

Use Dehumidification Strategies Appropriate for East Coast Weather

Which system is best for you depends on your local weather. While the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey tend to have a moderate climate with warm and humid summers and fairly cold winters, the climatic variations in different regions mean that local expertise is important.  It is also important to choose high-quality pool dehumidification manufacturing brands which can handle complex situations, such as the state-of-the art companies:
  • Poolpak: an industry leader who has been developing and refining their equipment for over 45 years. Poolpak offers Virtual-Tech Plus that allows pool technicians to monitor the performance of your unit and receive error reports 24/7.
  • Dectron: focusing on health, Dectron offers top quality equipment to protect pool water chemistry and prevent condensation.
  • Desert Aire: provides competitively priced dehumidification systems with both high efficiency and long life. 
Use Experienced Professionals to Maintain Your Indoor Pool

Maintaining a comfortable pool room temperature and humidity level will not only make your pool more useable, it will save time and money.  H&H Commercial Services, Inc. has years of experience helping pool owners keep their indoor pools in optimal condition all year long. Our experts know how to do correct HVAC sizing and systems set-up so you can control energy costs while preventing deterioration and costly repairs.

Monday, 3 July 2017

How to Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs for Your Office Building

With the temperatures now rising across the country, many office building owners are looking for ways to reduce the cost of running their HVAC equipment. It’s a continual struggle to pay rising energy prices throughout the year for building owners. By working with trusted HVAC professionals, office building owners can reduce their heating and cooling expenditure. In this latest post, our commercial HVAC service experts explore several ways for building owners to reduce their office heating and cooling costs.

Commit to HVAC maintenance
Many building owners face rising energy costs as a result of inefficient equipment. Dust and other elements can enter HVAC systems and prevent them from pushing the optimal amount of air out. Their systems are then having to work harder to achieve an average air flow. Over time, the dust and other contaminants within the HVAC systems cause equipment to fail. Professional maintenance can help resolve this common challenge.

Use Natural Light
Building owners can also reduce their heating costs by using the natural light entering the property. The sun’s rays naturally heat up areas throughout the building and so office teams can open up curtains and blinds facing the sun to reduce their reliance on HVAC systems during winter. To maintain a cool environment in the summer, building owners can mitigate the amount of sun entering their property by closing the blinds. These simple actions can help save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling for the average office building!

Improve Building Insulation
A large amount of air is lost to the roof when the building’s insulation is in poor condition. It’s important to work with local experts to determine how much air is being lost through the roof. The local company can then repair any leaks and gapsto ensure the building remains at the optimal temperature throughout the coming years.

Monitor Thermostat Use
One of the most common reasons for rising energy bills in the modern office is the over use of the building thermostat. Building owners must make sure those overseeing the use of the thermostat understand the importance of limiting energy use. Try to make sure that thermostats are programmed so that cool air is not being used when the building is unoccupied during the summer, and warm air isn’t over used during the winter.

Our trusted H&H Commercial Services team are here to guide you in reducing energy costs within your office building! As a leading local commercial HVAC service specialist, we can help identify improvements for your building’s equipment and help you minimize energy expenditure throughout the year. Our experts are available around the clock to offer their guidance and to create maintenance programs customized to your building and your unique system needs. To discover more, contact our experts now!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Experts In HVAC Services For Philadelphia

Our experts at H&H Commercial Services are committed to completing outstanding commercial HVAC repair and service work within properties throughout Philadelphia. Our trusted team works with the latest tools and technology to ensure top performance from your building’s HVAC equipment. This commitment means we can complete our work efficiently to ensure you save money on cooling and heating, and mitigate the impact of HVAC problems on those within your property.

Fore more information on  our Full Services Suite, Please visit

Saturday, 13 May 2017

3 Tips for Working Successfully with Your Commercial HVAC Service Company

The service company you work with can make a critical impact on the performance you receive from your HVAC systems. Without access to trusted professionals around the clock, you won’t be able to rely upon your HVAC systems to perform effectively when you need them most. To help you in working with your commercial HVAC service company, we’re offering three tips within this latest post.
  1. Plan Ahead

One critical aspect of achieving success in your partnership with a commercial HVAC service company is to plan ahead as part of the service. Make sure that your company is always several steps ahead in its maintenance plan. Create a foundation to the service by signing a maintenance contract that will cover you should your HVAC systems go down out of the blue. This will help prevent any downtime within the building and ensure the company responds to the service call on short notice. A long-term contract will also give your team access to round-the-clock guidance in response to questions they might have about their HVAC needs.
  1. Identify On-going Challenges

It’s important that your team plays an active role in maintaining HVAC equipment. One of the reasons many companies face expensive HVAC service charges is they don’t monitor their heating and cooling systems around the clock. They wait until a problem has become exceptionally expensive to fix before addressing the issue. This can lead to significant expenses for the company further down the line. Make sure that your team responds to any issues directly. Ask them to report changes in the performance of heating and cooling systems so that a specialist can be immediately called in response.
  1. Choose Responsive On-Site Team Members

In order to ensure that your company’s HVAC systems are performing to optimal capacity, it’s important to assign an on-site team member to review the system periodically. This is the person that all employees can speak to if they feel there is an issue with heating or cooling within the building. This is also the person that the repair teams can coordinate their work with, should they be required within the facility during the day. Having this person ready on-site can limit the confusion on the repair process and ensure there’s a person with responsibly for connecting directly with the repair company. Our dedicated experts at H&H Commercial Services are available now around the clock to help companies manage their HVAC service needs. To learn more on our team and our reputation as a trusted commercial HVAC service company, contact us directly today!  

Monday, 8 May 2017

Our Experts Answer 3 Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Questions

In managing commercial heating and repair challenges, it’s important to learn as much as possible from industry experts and to build upon your knowledge so you can respond when your business needs a swift resolution. Within our decades in the marketplace, we’ve helped thousands of companies achieve clear resolutions to their commercial heating and air conditioning repair challenges and in this latest post, we’re presenting answers to three commercial HVAC repair questions.
  1. How Often Should I Check my Air Filter?

It’s the time of the year when your business’s air filter will be most required and so it’s important to know how often you should replace the air filter. The latest industry guidance is to replace the air filter for your system at least once a month. If you struggle in completing this process, make sure you give us a call directly for guidance.
  1. How Often Should I Have my Equipment Serviced?

Heating and air conditioning equipment should be serviced according specifically to the manufacturer’s instructions so that any mechanical issues can be quickly mitigated. It’s important to work with qualified technicians when managing commercial air conditioning and heating repair issues. Our team at H&H Commercial Services has decades of experience in this area and we’re committed to responding to all equipment service needs with precision. Most equipment should be inspected, cleaned, and maintained at least once per year. This can help to prevent unexpected downtime and keep company staff comfortable throughout the year.
  1. What is the Most Important Quality in a Repair Company?

Selecting a qualified repair company is critical in dealing with commercial heating and air conditioning repair challenges. Only qualified experts can respond to the company’s needs on short notice and ensure their systems are working to peak condition. One of the most important qualities to consider in a repair company is their experience within the marketplace. The company should employ those with decades of background expertise in the industry. They should also be able to prove their certifications for the work required. Another important element in this process is speed of response. Make sure the company you turn to is able to respond to your commercial heating and air conditioning repair needs on short notice, for a swift response to maintenance issues. The trusted team here at H&H Commercial Services is equipped to handle any maintenance issue within your company’s heating and air conditioning system. To discover more, contact us directly!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

5 Questions To Ask When Booking Commercial Heating And Air Conditioning Services

Commercial heating and air conditioning services can safeguard your company when a problem occurs within your property. Service technicians can also answer your questions and guide you in achieving the highest levels of efficiency from your HVAC infrastructure. To help ensure you’re working with trusted professionals, our team at H&H Commercial Services highlights five important questions to ask when booking commercial heating and air conditioning services.
  1. What is the Experience of Your Team?
When booking services, it’s important to work with a company that has an experienced team ready to respond to your repair challenges. Their team should be experienced in working with a range of systems and should be able to answer questions based on this experience. Each member of our staff has a decades-long background within the HVAC industry and utilizes the latest repair technology in completing complex repairs.
  1. Do You have a Large Fleet?
The firm you work with in ensuring commercial heating and air conditioning performance should be able to respond to your requirements with a large fleet of repair vehicles. This will ensure that their team can be on the road in minutes in response to your system’s needs.
  1. Can You Provide a Quote?
Before selecting a company for the repair work, you should ensure they are able to offer you a complete quote. This quote should include the total price plus any additional costs that might arise while the repair is being completed. You can then compare this quote with those provided by others in the field to ensure you’re receiving full value for money. Our team at H&H Commercial Services works to ensure that each quote we provide represents complete value for you. We provide you with a full set of details on the repair work and the total price before we begin. This ensures you can make a proactive and effective decision based on all available information.
  1. Do You Offer Factory-Authorized Repair?
The company you choose for the repair work should be able to offer factory-authorized repair services as directed by the manufacturer of the system. Their team should utilize the latest information direct from the manufacturer to reduce your repair costs and to streamline the entire process. Our team offers factory-authorized repair services for several of the leading air conditioning and heating equipment brands, including SEMCO and AAON.
  1. How Can You Help Us Save Money in the Long-Term?
In managing your operational costs, it’s important to consider your spending on heating and cooling. Your service specialist should be able to harness their experience to reduce your costs and ensure you’re utilizing your equipment efficiently.
By turning to our team at H&H Commercial Services, you’ll save money and gain access to high performance commercial heating and air condition systems. To learn more, call us now at 610-532-8745.

How H&H Commercial Services Supports Businesses With Our HVAC Repair And Service

Your organization depends on its HVAC infrastructure to support a comfortable environment for your work teams as well as visitors to your buildings. This can mean that a small HVAC problem has a lasting impact on your organization. Here at H&H Commercial Services, we work to resolve HVAC service and repair issues with precision. And in this latest post we’ll provide a full overview on the benefits of our services
Completed in Quick Timeframes
Turning to our team means that your commercial HVAC repair and service work is completed in a quick timeframe. We have a full fleet of repair vehicles available to our team around the clock. This ensures that when you call us directly we can respond with a specialist using the latest tools to resolve your repair challenge. We also train our team to complete their commercial service and repair work efficiently. We’ve worked with a range of systems, which ensures we can diagnose the problem immediately and then begin the repair process quickly. It’s a service that ensures your building is running to peak performance in a shorter timeframe.
Saving Money on Repairs
One of the leading benefits of working with the HVAC service and repair team is that we are solutions-focused. This means we can mitigate long-standing issues within your HVAC infrastructure. Companies often put off HVAC repairs until the very last minute, which can mean that a small leak turns into a significant flooding problem. But we’re always looking at the bigger picture and working to safeguard your building against any long-term structural problems. We’ll identify small issues that can grow over time and then fix them to save you thousands of dollars on repair costs in future.
A Commitment to Safety
Turning to H&H Commercial Services mean you’re working with a specialist in HVAC safety. Our team follows the latest industry guidelines regarding working safety, and takes all the required precautions within our work. For example, we utilize fall protection equipment when working on tall buildings and train our team to mitigate electrical issues when operating on commercial air conditions and heating systems.
Factory Authorized Support
A leading reason for selecting our services over other companies within the marketplace is that we offer factory-authorized support through the manufacturer. Our team are trained in following manufacturer maintenance procedures for the leading brands within the HVAC field, including companies such as Dectron, Semco, and Poolpak.
It’s the trusted service expected of a market leader within the HVAC maintenance field. We specialize in serving all HVAC maintenance requirements for the modern business! To learn more on our commercial HVAC repair and service work, please contact our trusted team today at 610-532-8745.